Uslovi i Odredbe OKTO.CASH-a

You can deposit monies into your online account which is kept and registered with the [contacting merchant] (“Account”) using (amongst others) If you select this method, you will be asked to select the amount of money that you wish to be credited to your online Account and then a Paycode will be issued by the contracted merchant , a company duly incorporated in Republic of Serbia, and operating according to any applicable laws (hereinafter the „Operator“) through the Operators Website/App of a value equivalent to the amount that you have selected (the “Paycode”). The Paycode will bear your name, surname and ID number. Through the Operators Website/App you will be informed of the physical points to which you can give the cash amount corresponding to the value of the Paycode (“Paycode Amount”). Please note that limitations apply as regards the Paycode Amount.

Only you can appear before the physical points and you shall bear your ID card with you. The physical points, acting according to the instructions of the Operator and payment institution duly licensed for provision of payment services by the Serbian National bank („Payment institution“) under which distribution network physical point of sales that you have visited operates, reserves the right to refuse to proceed to a transaction. You will be informed of the reasons why you cannot proceed to the transaction, unless this is not permitted under the applicable legislation. The physical point (i.e. payment terminals) will scan or type the number of the Paycode. Provided that there is no reason for denying to proceed with the transaction, the physical point will receive from you the Paycode Amount in cash and you will be provided with a receipt. Once this procedure has been successfully completed, your Account will be immediately (i.e. in real time) credited with the Paycode Amount.

Please note that after the issuance of the Paycode and the completion of the aforementioned procedure, no refund or cancellation is possible. If you have any queries or complaints, you can contact us at

Note that Your rights related to provision of payment services via based on the Payment institution’s license are regulated in the Terms and Conditions of Payment institution and in case of any discrepancies between this document and Terms and Conditions of Payment institution in the matter referring to Your rights related to provision of payment services, the version of Terms and Conditions published by the Payment institution will apply as the prevailing one.

The Operator will need to process your personal data as follows:

Why will your personal data be used?

Your personal data will be processed for the Paycode to be issued and for your Account to be credited with the Paycode Amount following the completion of the aforementioned procedure.

What types of personal data will be processed and in which way?        

The following types of personal data will be processed:

* Identification data such as first name, surname, personal ID number, ID document, date of birth, nationality, country of residence, email address, mobile number.

Apart from the above, the Operator may also process the following personal data (i.e. non-mandatory personal data):

* ID type (National ID, Passport ID, Drivers’ License ID, Other), ID expiration date, ID image file.

The aforementioned data is transferred by the Operator to the Payment institution through the Okto Platform once you select to use as payment method in order to top up your Account.

Additional information may be requested from the Operator and/or the Payment institution for compliance purposes with the applicable legislation.

Who has access to your personal data?

Your personal data may be disclosed to third companies providing cloud services and/or verification services as well as to the technology provider of the Operator and Payment institution.

What is the legal basis for processing your personal data?

The processing of your personal data is necessary for complying with legal obligations including amongst others the applicable AML and/or tax legislation, and/or Law on Games of Chance.

Which is the retention period of your personal data?

Your personal data will be retained for five (5) years following the issuance of the Paycode, unless the applicable legislation provides for a more extended retention period.

Rights of persons to whom personal data relate

In accordance with Law on personal data protection, and internal acts of the Operator, you have the right to:

  • request that your personal data is rectified, supplemented or deleted, or that its processing is restricted;
  • object to the processing of your personal data;
  • receive personal data in transferable format and receive a copy of personal data;
  • that the decision rendered solely based on automatized processing, including profiling is not applied to you, if such decision produces legal consequences for that person or such decision significantly influences your position;
  • to be informed about the breach of your personal data


If you desire to inform yourself or exercise any of above rights, please use the following contact information:

If you are not satisfied with the response or if you need any advice, you can lodge a complaint with the competent supervisory authority, as follows:

Commissioner for information of public importance and personal data protection

Bulevar kralja Aleksandra 15
11120 Belgrade
Republic of Serbia
Telephone: +381 11 3408 900

Information on the processing performed by the Operator you can find in Privacy Policy available [].